MTM Clear Aligner

Get the Smile you’ve always wanted

Clearly a great way to improve your smile.

Clear Aligner El Sobrante
MTM® Clear·Aligner is the easy and affordable way to align your smile without the cost and inconvenience associated with many other aligners and wire braces. It’s a comfortable fit with your lifestyle and budget. MTM® Clear•Aligner is a quick and simple solution for correcting minor tooth misalignments such as crowding or gaps, including treatment of orthodontic relapse.

How does MTM® Clear•Aligner work?

MTM® Clear•Aligner uses a series of clear removable aligners to correct common anterior tooth misalignments. Each aligner is custom fabricated according to your doctor’s treatment plan to progressively move your teeth into their ideal position, leaving you with a beautiful smile.

Is MTM® Clear·Aligner affordable?

With MTM® Clear•Aligner, orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to cost as much as traditional full-mouth wire braces, clear braces or many other aligners. And your treatment may be covered under your comprehensive dental/ orthodontic insurance plan.

How long does treatment take?

You can see the results in as little as 3-6 months.*

Will anything be attached to my teeth?

Unlike some clear aligners, MTM® Clear•Aligner does not require bulky, unattractive “attachments” on your teeth. This means a more attractive smile during treatment. And inserting and removing your aligners is easy.

Are the benefits just cosmetic?

With MTM® Clear•Aligner, you’ll also enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. Improved tooth alignment means easier access to tooth surfaces and gums during daily cleanings, reducing the chance of unwanted plaque buildup and tooth decay.

Am I a good fit?

MTM® Clear•Aligner is designed to address the common anterior misalignments shown below. If you see your smile here, ask your dentist if MTM® Clear•Aligner is right for you.


El Sobrante Inster Photo 1
Too much space between teeth. Esthetic problem that can also compromise the effectiveness of chewing.


El Sobrante Inster Photo 2
Not enough space between teeth (teeth overlap). Can make it hard to brush and floss, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.

Midline Discrepancy

El Sobrante Inster Photo 3
Center of upper and lower teeth are not aligned. Can be an indication of an improper bite, which may lead to pain and further issues.


El Sobrante Inster Photo 4
Teeth tip outward or inward, or Jean forward or backward. Can cause other teeth to shift, creating crowding and an improper bite.


El Sobrante Inster Photo 5
Teeth are turned clockwise or counterclockwise. Can make proper oral hygiene difficult and may lead to tooth decay.

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