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Dental Tips for a Merry Holiday

Dental Tips for a Merry Holiday

Dental Tips for a Merry Holiday

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Happy happy holidays! How are you celebrating the season this year? Whatever your December festivities look like, Dr. Perez-Salinas wants to ensure that you are informed and prepared to keep your oral wellness in top shape throughout all your celebrations. Here are some of her best dental tips for your holiday celebrations:


Feast Away! But Avoid Frequent Snacking

Eating stimulates saliva production in your mouth, which can help in neutralizing acids. When you sit down to eat a meal, the acids that are produced by the foods you’re eating and quickly neutralized as you continue to eat, whereas if you snack on foods here and there, acids are produced, but your mouth often doesn’t have enough time to stimulate the saliva needed to thereafter neutralize those acids.


Use a Straw

Enjoy sipping on ciders or relaxing with coffees and teas this holiday, but remember that most dark liquids will inevitably stain your teeth. Using a straw minimizes the direct contact the liquid has with your teeth to reduce your risk of staining.


Chew Sugar-Free Gum

Remember how important it is to produce saliva for neutralization? Chewing sugar-free gum stimulates that saliva production. Plus, the person with a pack of gum at a party is always instantly popular, right?


If you have questions about keeping your teeth in great shape this holiday, or to schedule your next appointment with Pinole dentist Dr. Perez-Salinas, call 510-243-0213 today!


Dental Check-Ups

Dental Check-Ups

Dental Check-Ups

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When most people look at their calendar for the year, they don’t often note how many times they’ll be visiting the dentist as a part of their regular check-up routine. The problem that occurs from this general pattern is that often, when people do visit their general dentist, it’s because they’ve already developed an oral health issue that very well could have been prevented in the first place. Irregularity of dental check-ups is one of the biggest sources of oral health problems that El Sobrante dentist Dr. Dalia Perez-Salinas runs in to with patients.


So… how often should you visit Dr. Perez-Salinas?

Adults and children alike should schedule dental check-ups on a regular basis. For those people with a preexisting oral health issue, or one that comes to light as a part of one of your dental check-ups, El Sobrante dentist Dr. Dalia Perez-Salinas might request to see you more frequently. For those who proceed with routine, Dr. Perez-Salinas will still probably hope you schedule an appointment at least twice a year. Regular visits to Advanced Dentistry El Sobrante are the best way to ensure your oral health is in top condition, so that your overall health and wellness are aiding you in being the best that you can be!


If nothing hurts, why do I need to see Dr. Perez-Salinas?

Believe it or not, pain is one of the last conditions to surface around oral health issues. Tooth pain is often a serious side effect of cavities that have already become deep enough to disturb gum tissue, meaning treatment might very well be a root canal, or even tooth removal to ultimately destroy the infection. Thankfully, by attending regular dental appointments with Dr. Perez-Salinas, you can ensure that your oral health is not in jeopardy in the face of cavities.


The truth is, there are few things more important than your health and wellness, and one of the best ways to make sure you’re in top shape, is to start with your mouth! Regular dental check-ups are a vital step in keeping your healthiest self, so don’t hesitate to schedule your next dental check-up with El Sobrante dentist Dr. Dalia Perez-Salinas today!


For more information about regular dental check-ups, or to schedule your next appointment with El Sobrante dentist Dr. Dalia Perez-Salinas, call 510-243-0213 today!



New Year’s Resolutions for Optimal Oral Health

New Year’s Resolutions for Optimal Oral Health

New Year’s Resolutions for Optimal Oral Health

Preventative Dentistry El Sobrante


As the holiday buzz comes to an end, many people are getting into new habits they wish to maintain throughout the new year. When considering your new resolutions, don’t forget to put Dr. Perez-Salinas and your oral health in the forefront of your planning! Here are a few key notes to remember when planning for optimal oral health throughout the new year and for years to come.


Preserve and Improve Your Teeth

Tobacco, wine, and coffee can stain teeth to the point of no return! Consider giving up your addictions as a part of your resolution for a brighter smile, and call Dr. Perez-Salinas to schedule a whitening session if you think your teeth could use a little brightening. Preserve your bite by sleeping with a mouth guard if you know you grind your teeth at night. Dr. Perez-Salinas can evaluate and diagnose your teeth- grinding symptoms, and can quickly get you on track to a peaceful, painless, night’s sleep!


Floss Floss Floss

And buy a new toothbrush! The American Dental Association recommends changing your toothbrush every three months, so if you haven’t done so in a while, the new year is the perfect time to get yourself back on schedule! It’s important to remember that although you may have slacked off during the holidays, brushing three times and flossing at least once per day are both crucial in maintaining oral health.


Good Oral Health is a Key Component to Overall Fitness

Focusing on your oral health seamlessly leads to better overall and physical fitness. Once you become focused on attaining your oral health goals, like flossing every day and brushing for two minutes two times a day, your mind will already be more in-tune to achieving larger goals, like going on runs or maintaining a healthy diet! Making healthier choices for your oral health, like drinking water instead of sugary juices, are healthier choices for your body’s overall well-being, and will only make you feel encouraged to pursue further goals.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the energy you’re committing to oral resolutions rather than those in which you might see immediate results, consider the double-duo your body is getting through your commitment to bettering your health and wellness for both your body and your mouth! Oral wellness resolutions can quickly become a part of your regular wellness routine, and before you know it, you’ll be a healthier person on your way to a much happier 2017!

Remember to make your resolutions fun and attainable by taking small steps towards a greater goal! If you find yourself struggling to cut back on coffee, or if you just can’t seem to remember to floss every day, give yourself a break by reminding yourself that every day you achieve a small goal is one day closer to optimal health for the whole year.

Call 510-243-0213 today for tips, tricks, and support with your oral health resolutions, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dalia Perez-Salinas for your next oral exam.